Telephone Savings


In México you must always dial 01 before a (Toll Free) 800 number.
You can call this number from any phone in México without needing to buy a phone card.
Use your Credit Card - or Call Collect.

It is now possible to show your support for this web site and SAVE money on all your phone calls from México.  You can call anywhere in the world, from México, and SAVE!   We have made arrangements with one of the largest long distance companies in México to provide these excellent rates for our visitors. 

Another advantage with this service is the fact that there is a friendly bilingual operator available, 24 hours a day, to assist and help you through your telephone call. are in a country that has some of the highest long distance rates in the world.  Add to that the number of private pay phones (credit card only) that charge outrageous prices for their services it is easily possible to ruin your trip.  And you won't even know how bad it really is until you get home and receive your next credit card bill.  Anything you can do to save on your long distance charges should help you enjoy your vacation a little bit more.

Please take advantage this service, as a small portion of each call goes to support this site.  This will allow us to update the site on a regular basis, to add new features and to improve the content. 

Print these cards (using the links below) and give them to every member of your family so they will have them handy in case of any emergency that may arise.  The caller will need to give the operator a credit card number, name of the credit card holder, zip code of holder and the 3 or four digit security code from the back of your credit card.  (You can write the necessary information on the back of the card, but do it in some sort of code so that it is not obvious, should you lose the card).  Even if you are traveling by yourself, it may prove beneficial to print more than one card.  Keep one in your wallet or purse, one by the phone in your room and one in your car.

You can get the the current rates by asking the operator before you place your call.

Print your Phone Card
Print 2 Phone Cards
Print 3 Wallet Cards
If you need more cards, use a combination of the above pages.
Please tell your friends about this opportunity!


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