Telephone Savings


These cards offer one of the lowest possible long distance rates between México and the U.S.

This is your best choice if you know you will need to make more than one or two calls from México.  If you need to check on the kids, call the office on a regular basis or if you travel frequently to México, these cards can SAVE you a great deal of money on all of your calls to the U.S.  You can use them from anywhere in México!

The pre-paid cards are available in two denominations.

$10.00 Dollars - Gives you 24 minutes of calls between México and the U.S. or Canada.
$20.00 Dollars - Gives you 51 minutes of calls between México and the U.S. or Canada.

These cards make great gifts for family or friends who will be traveling to México!

Card Conditions
There are never any hidden connection fees.
(This is a very expensive trick used by some long distance companies).
These cards expire 60 days after the first usage, with no limit on the time to first use.
(Some cards expire 10 - 30 - 60 days after you buy them).
Calls are billed in four minute increments.
(We recommend that you talk for at least three minutes or longer, for greatest savings).

Click Here: You will be transferred to the secure web site where you can purchase your cards.


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