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México City is a very special place for shoppers.  Anything that is made in México is available here along with countless imported designer items.  Large modern malls and upscale neighborhoods, that seem like they were developed just for shopping complete with more traditional shops, sidewalk vendors and outdoor markets.

This city offers it's visitors one of the ultimate shopping experiences available anywhere in the world.  For tourists that are seeking the upscale shops and malls, your choices are easy.  Plan your days around visits to Polanco, especially the areas of Presidente Masaryk, Centro Santa Fe and Zona Rosa.  Centro Coyoacán and Perisur, which are both located in the southern part of the city, are also very popular.

The colonial  neighborhood of San Angel, also in the southern part of the city, offers it's famous "Bazar Sábado" which  means Saturday Bazaar.  Here you will find three different market places every Saturday, an outdoor crafts market, an arts market and a separate market selling high-end articles.  A little further away, but within easy traveling distance are the Friday market in Toluca, where the towns famous pottery is your best bet.  Another special outdoor market place is held every Sunday in Tepoztlán, featuring locally made crafts.

When dialing the local number from the U.S. or Canada: Dial 011 52 55 before the number shown.
From within México: Dial 01 55 before the number shown.  Locally: Dial the number shown.


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México City Shopping Malls

México City Malls

Location Telephone
x x x
Centro Comercial Coyoacán Av. Coyoacán 2000 5604-8226
Centro Comercial La Rosa Londres 127 5525-3172
Centro Comercial San Jerónimo Av. San Jerónimo 630 5683-4886
Centro Comercial Sante Fe Vasco de Quiroga 3800 5259-3175
Centro Comercial Perisur Periférico Sur 4690 5606-6983
Centro Comercial Santa Teresa A. López Mateos 4020 5568-3142
Galerias Insurgentes Parroquia 194 5627-8435
Pabellón Polanco Ejército Nacional 980 5557-3535
Plaza Galerías Melchor Ocampo 5260-7451
Plaza Inn Insurgentes Sur 1971 5661-4302
Plaza Loreto Altamirano 46 5616-1497
Plaza Polanco Jamie Balmes 11 5580-3412
Plaza Lindavista Av. Montevideo 363 5726-3100
Plaza Universidad Av. Universidad 1000 5604-4237

A r t  G a l l e r i e s :

Art Galleries Address Telephone
x x x
Galería Lourdes Chumacero...Paintings and drawings from Mexican artists.  Located in Zona Rosa - Closed weekends. Estocolmo 34 No phone
Galería Oscar Roman...Displays an excellent collection of works from up-and-coming Mexican painters. Julio Verne 14 5280-0436
Nina Menocal...Contemporary Latin American art - Cuban art is their specialty. Zacatecas 93 5567-7209
Misrachi Gallery...One of the city's oldest and finest galleries.  It features works by renowned contemporary Mexican artists. La Fontaine 243 5250-4105
Tere Haas Galería...Featuring fine contemporary art, specializing in bronze sculptures and figurative art.  Génova 2C 5511-6134
Pecanins...Bohemian gallery featuring modern paintings, drawings and engravings.  Erratic hours - call first. Durango 186 5514-0621
Galería López Quiroga...Contemporary Latin American Art Presidente Masaryk 379 5280-6218

C l o t h i n g :

Clothing Address Telephone
x x x
Cartier...Genuine designer clothing, jewelry and accessories. Presidente Masaryk 438 5281-5528
Guess...Popular denim sportswear - Jeans and accessories Presidente Masaryk 326 5282-0133
Palacio de Hierro...High end department store - elegant clothing. Durango 230 5525-9000
Sears...Department Store - Clothing - Computers - Luggage etc. Av. Ejército Nacional 980 5557-0055
Liverpool...Upscale department store - Clothing - Accessories Mariano Escobedo 425 5328-6400
Zara...Designer fashions for women from the Spanish designer. Londres 102 5280-1529

G i f t s   &   C r a f t s :

Gifts & Crafts Address Telephone
x x x
Tiffany & Co...Exclusive jewelry designs - Silver - crystal - china - Personalized service - Corporate and personal gift specialties. Presidente Masaryk 450 5282-1440
Tamacani...Unique wall hangings, pillows and rugs. Originals Varsovia 51 - Zona Rosa 5207-3720
Los Castillo...Run by family from Taxco - Silver, gold and copper. Amberes 41 - Zona Rosa 5511-6198
Luna Azul...Colorful crafts and pottery from all over México. Londres 139 C - Zona Rosa 5514-2553
Mercado Insurentes...Over 200 stalls  selling gold & silver jewelry, crafts and Mexican dresses.  Entrances on Genoa & Liverpool  Zona Rosa No Phone
Fonart...High quality folk art and hand made furniture from all over México.  Government run store with fixed prices. Juárez 89 5521-0171
Atresanos de México...Unique folk art, furniture and sculpture. Londres 117 - Zona Rosa 5514-7455

H e a l t h   -   B e a u t y   -  E x e r c i s e :

Health - Beauty - Exercise Address Telephone
x x x
Gold's Gym...Full cardiovascular workouts - Sauna - English Homero 440 5203-4385
Sport City...Complete gym and exercise centers - Aerobics - Weights - Sauna Jacuzzi - Swimming pools - Beauty salon - Snack bars - English x x
...Polanco... x 5395-3585
...Perisur... x 5550-6860
...Santa Fe Mall... x 5261-1031
San Francisco Magic...Aerobics - Cardiovascular Dance Sessions Universidad 1336 5661-4373

H o t e l s :  Please visit our Hotel Information page.

I n t e r n e t   S e r v i c e s :

Long Distance, Internet  & Internet Service Providers Address Telephone
x x x

Long Distance Savings...Call home from anywhere in México, at rates that are up to 20% below AT&T rates.  NEW! Pre-Paid long distance cards,  Call home for 29¢ a min.

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méxicoLIVE -  Effective Internet Advertising - Internet Promotions - Internet Cameras  - Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S (624) 143-8282
Prodigy Internet...Telmex Internet service - Service in all cities. All of México 01 800 123-2222
Terra...Internet service in most of Mexico's larger cities. Paseo de la Reforma 2620 5081-2500
CABLEVISION...High speed cable Internet service x 5422-2000
Bits Café y Canela...Internet cafe in Zona Rosa - Coffee & sweets with your E-mail. Hamburgo 165-C 5525-0144
Coffenet...Internet cafe - Internet access - E-mail - Free coffee - Fax - Copies Av. Nuevo León 104 5286-7104

N i g h t   L i f e :  Please visit our Night Life page.

R e a l   E s t a t e :  Please visit our Real Estate page.

R e n t a l   P r o p e r t i e s :  Please visit our Area Rentals page.

R e s t a u r a n t s :  Please visit our Restaurants page.

S p e c i a l t y   I t e m s   &   S e r v i c e s :  

Specialty Items & Services Address Telephone
x x x

Long Distance Savings...Call home from anywhere in México, at rates that are up to 20% below AT&T rates.  NEW! Pre-Paid long distance cards,  Call home for 29¢ a min.

Click Here for Details 01 800-111-SAVE
Import Export International - Importation and shipping made easy.  Any city, any country, worldwide.  México specialists. E-mail (619) 671-2324
Office Depot...Office & Computer Supplies - Office Furniture Polanco 5203-0668
Sanborns...Reastaurant combined with a Dept. store - Large selection of American Books & Magazines - Luggage - Camera supplies - Cellular phones - Perfumes -  Beauty supplies - More! Madero 4
(over 50 locations)
TicketMaster...Resevations for all local theatre, concerts, shows and events. Telephone in México City 5325-9000
OfficeMax...Office supplies - copies - office furniture etc. Homero 1317 5260-8383
Limousine Rental...Creatur...Limousines for all occasions. Milán 35-202 5592-2324
FotoArt...1 Hour Developing - Reprints - Photo Accessories Insurgentes Sur 307 5574-4236
Instituto Anglo-Mexicano de Cultura - Foreign Language School - Spanish programs for different levels and all ages . 8 Locations Citywide 5705-1866
DHL Worldwide Express...Send your documents & packages Lope de Vega 338 5203-9216
PROFECO...The Mexican consumer protection agency. José Vasconcelos 208 5568-8722
Cinépolis Diana Paseo de la Reforma 423 5511-3236
Luimiere Zona Rosa Londres 126 5511-1309
Cinemex Polanco Pabellón Polanco 5395-9025

T o u r s & Travel :

Tours & Travel Services Address Telephone
x x x
Travelocity...Make all of your reservations for México travel Safe and Secure Click Now!
American Express Travel Services...Travelers checks - travel agency. Paseo de la Reforma 350 5207-7282
Rosenbluth Travel...Full service travel agency - English spoken. Mariano Escobedo 543 5254-2499
Betanzos International...Full service travel agency - Many branches. Campos Elíseos 100 5531-8716
Sivari...Full service travel agency - City Tours - Weekend packages. Paseo de la Reforma 80 5705-1515
Bestours...Tours to Museum of Anthropology - Pyramids of Teotihuacán - Puebla - Floating Gardens of Xochimilco - Taxco.  Specialty tours for groups.  English spoken.  Luxury buses & vans. Hamburgo 182 5514-3080
x x

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