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Real Estate in México City is somewhat different than what the average person might expect in a city of this size.  There are many upscale neighborhoods which offer beautiful homes and condos, some with gated entry.  The problem area seems to be in finding affordable middle class housing in a desirable neighborhood.  As much of the real estate activity in México City is due to relocation by large corporations, much of the local housing tends to be subsidized or even provided by the employer.   

The suburbs surrounding the downtown area offer some relief from the fast pace of the city. There are many nice upper and upper middle class developments and neighborhoods in the southern section of the city which offer a very comfortable lifestyle as well as a good value for a potential buyer. Because of the vast area of the city limits and surrounding communities, it may be difficult to make a decision. Driving time to wherever you are employed must be taken into consideration.

Real estate prices in México City are generally higher than those in other Mexican cities and equal to, or higher than, many of the beach resort areas of México.  Keep in mind that México City's real estate market is, in fact, just like anywhere else in the world.  A carefully selected real estate investment should appreciate with time. 

Contact one of the brokers below for more information.

From The U.S. or Canada first dial 011 52 and the number.

Broker Address Telephone
x x x
Century 21 Kasa Monterrey 387BIS 5264-5499
Century 21 Lomax Monte Everest No. 635 5520-5282
Century 21 Alameda Av. Juárez 38 5510-2982
HIR Insurgentes Sur 92 5525-3286
P&P Real Estate Consultants Julio Verne 89 -1 5280-7474
ReMax Plus Tennyson 97 5281-3881
Rojkind Real Estate Lomas Verdes 651- 4 5344-1111

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