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Valle de Bravo
Perched on a hilltop, in a beautiful pine forest.

Just 90 miles west of México City, but worlds apart...lies Valle de Bravo.  Perched on a hilltop, in a beautiful pine forest away from the smog and traffic of México City.  Valle is one of the favorite places for city residents to spend weekends and holidays.  This ex-colonial town is like something out of a historical novel.  It sits on a hillside overlooking the pleasant lake with winding cobblestone streets and beautiful colonial style homes.  Gardens alive with colorful plants and walls covered in brightly hued bougainvillea dominate the landscape, adding a picturesque touch to the streets and homes of the community.

The lake, actually a reservoir, is a peaceful place for sailing, water skiing, fishing (for bass & perch) and other water sports.  Boats for fishing, skiing or just relaxing can be rented in the small marina, near the dock.  The surrounding hills and forests are a great place for hiking, mountain biking, camping or just exploring.  Bicycle rentals, horses for rent and excursion boats are some of the activities available.  There are several nearby waterfalls that are easily reached, if you have the proper directions, check at the friendly tourist office near the main plaza.  Millions of monarch butterflies flock to the area from December to March, with January being the best month to enjoy this marvelous sight.

This is also one of the very best areas in México for hang gliding because of the thermal conditions created by the lake and nearby hills and valleys.  The takeoff point is a peak high in the mountains and the landing area is lakeside. There are several local companies devoted to the sport that will take you on a tandem sail, if you are so inclined. They also give lessons and rent equipment to experienced flyers.

A beautiful colonial city that played a large and important role in Mexican history.

Querétaro is a beautiful colonial city that played a large and important role in Mexican history and a city that is alive with art, music and cultural activities.  Located about two and a half hours north of Mexico City by car, this interesting city is one of those magical places that is sure to capture your heart.  The first thing you are likely to notice upon entering Querétaro is how clean this city is.  The main square (Plaza Principal) and the surrounding area offer visitors a pleasant glimpse into México's past as well as an incredible shopping and dining experience.  The state band performs here on Sunday evenings, around 6:30, sometimes with dancers.  The historic center is fairly small and is a pleasant place for casual strolling on the pedestrian only streets that link several of the city's plazas.

Another plaza, Plaza de Armas, is the center of social activity in Querétaro and gets very active in the evenings.  The plaza is a great place to gather and decide where you want to eat or have a drink. You may decide that you just want to relax and listen to some live music coming from the restaurants and cafes surrounding the unique fountain.  There are also live concerts, usually performed several nights a week that are sponsored by the Casa de Cultura.  The Casa de Cultura is just up the street from the tourist office, check with them for a schedule.

Querétaro's elevated aqueduct is another interesting attraction, and serves as an emblem for the city. Built between 1726 and 1735, it is 1.25 kilometers in length and contains 74 towering arches.  The aqueduct  runs along Av. Zaragoza and still serves as one of the city's main water sources.

There is a local tourist office on the northwest corner of Plaza de Armas, they can give you maps and information.  Telephone: 01 (800) 715-1742 (within México).     

San Miguel de Allende
Spend a few hours, a few days, a few weeks.  You may not want to leave!

San Miguel de Allende is a stunningly attractive colonial town, approximately 3½ hours north of México City, by car.  This town is well known for it's expatriate community and for having some of the finest Spanish language schools in all of México.  San Miguel is also known as a learning center of the arts and students from all over the world travel here to study painting, dance, weaving, sculpting as well as photography.  Attractive to tourists, as well as artists and writers, this colorful town also played a strategic role in México's independence.   

The tree-lined plaza, known locally as the Jardín, is the center of activity in San Miguel de Allende. The strikingly unique architecture of the parish church, with it's ornate spires, dominates the landscape and can be seen from almost everywhere in the town.  The local tourism office has a booth on the south side of the plaza and the friendly staff will be happy to answer questions and furnish maps and brochures, in Spanish as well as English. 

A walking tour is probably the best way to really enjoy San Miguel.  Be sure to to visit the home of the town namesake Ignacio Allende.  This recently restored building, now a museum, is a stunning example of the many colonial mansions that once flourished in México.  There are numerous galleries, custom craft shops, sidewalk cafes and restaurants with pleasant patios and live music.  All of this, within walking distance of the plaza.  Don't be surprised if you arrive during a colorful local fiesta, which seem to be happening almost daily.  Nearby recreation includes golf, horseback riding, hot springs, mountain biking and a rather unique botanical garden.

With it's colonial architecture and beautifully restored homes, this city has been designated a national monument. San Miguel de Allende, with it's provincial charm and high level of cultural activity, is sure to leave you with a lasting impression...inviting you to return and spend just a little more time here.

The silver capital of the world.

Taxco has got to be one of Mexico's most unique cities.  Famous everywhere, Taxco is known as the silver capital of the world.  This easy drive of less than four hours (slightly more by bus) on a modern, well kept toll road will take you back in time.  Taxco is one of those quaint, picture perfect towns that never seem to age.  If it weren't for the hordes of taxis and electric poles, you could easily imagine you had jumped into a time machine and gone back a century or two.  The huge church dominates the landscape and the narrow, winding cobblestone streets are seemingly from a different era.  There are quaint inns and B&B's, many with incredible views, so you may want to schedule an over night trip.  

The Zócalo, or town square, is a great starting point from which to explore Taxco.  The square is located directly across from the church and is surrounded by shops and cafes which allow you to enjoy all of Taxco's daily activity.  If you are shopping for silver, in any shape or form, you will not likely find a better place to shop.  Taxco is home to so many silver shops, you will find it impossible to visit all of them.  There are other crafts, from all over Mexico for sale here, but you can probably do better in Acapulco where there is more competition.  Be aware that the competition to sell all types of silver in Taxco is fierce and you can usually strike a bargain on the listed price, or at least you can try.

There is also a nearby golf course.  Perhaps the women could shop while the men take in a round of golf.  This could be used as an incentive to get the men to take their spouses shopping.  Taxco is about a three hour drive or there are many tours available from Mexico City.

Make all of your México City travel reservations here and SAVE!

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